The Battlefields

Isandlwana Battlefield Tour

Travel to The Battlefields – A Fascinating Historic Route

KwaZulu Natal was host to some of South Africa’s most significant battles, extending over more than 200 turbulent years. It was in this area that the Voortrekkers were confronted by Zulu armies and where the mighty British Army was defeated by the power of the Zulu nation. The Battlefields area is also famous for the successful resistance of the Afrikaner nation to the threat of British Imperial Colonisation during the Anglo-Boer Wars. Every town, historic building, battlesight and memorial in the Battlefields region has a fascinating tale to tell, an event to commerate, or a poignant memory to recall. The Battlefields Route covers all of the major battle sites as well as the siege of Ladysmith and the spectacular Drakensberg Mountains.

Today this beautiful and somewhat fragile region forms the heart of a Battlefields Route that visitors can do as part of a tour or as a self-drive experience.

Talana Museum and Spioenkop Dam Nature Reserve are the area’s major landmarks. However, the Battlefields route will take you to destinations such as Babanango, Ladysmith, Colenso, Melmoth, Dundee, Newcastle, Eshowe, Paulpietersburg, Estcourt, Rorke’s Drift, Glencoe, Ulundi, Greytown and Vryheid.

Pick up a Battlefields Route map in order to see all the historic and famous destinations. You can opt to join a tour for the route or self drive.

Relax by simply taking in the spectacular scenery at each destination or getting away from it all for a while at the Spioenkop Dam Nature Reserve.

  • Join a tour to learn more about the battlefields.
  • Self drive on the route to explore the region at your leisure.
  • Visit nearby Spioenkop Dam Nature Reserve.


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