Bakone Malapa Museum

Travel to Polokwane – Cultural and Eco Attractions Aplenty

Polokwane, also known as Pietersburg, is situated in the north of South Africa, on the tropic of Capricorn. The city has enjoyed a long history of prosperity and has grown rapidly due to its proximity to Gauteng and the rich agricultural district surrounding it. Thanks to its many game viewing opportunities, Polokwane is a popular ecotourism destination in Southern Africa. The city is considered as the premier hunting destination in South Africa.

In the 1840s, Voortrekkers under the leadership of Andries Potgieter established Zoutpansbergdorp, a town 100 kilometres to the north west. This settlement had to be abandoned because of clashes with the local tribes. They founded a new town in 1886 and named it Pietersburg in honour of Voortrekker leader Petrus Jacobus Joubert.

The town of Polokwane earned city status on 23 April 1992 and is now the major centre and capital city of the province, indeed for the country’s entire area north of Gauteng. On June 11 2003, the government of Limpopo changed the name of the city to Polokwane.

Attractions include the Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum, Eersteling Monuments, Moletzie Bird Sanctuary, Modjadji Rainforest, Middestad Centre, Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park, Polokwane Game Reserve, Polokwane Museum, Voortrekker Memorial and Wagon Tracks and the Gazebo.

Nearby Kruger National Park and Magoesbaskloof are also worth a visit.

Travellers to Polokwane can enjoy game viewing or simply exploring the area and its numerous attractions.

Relax by sampling the local cuisine in the town’s restaurants or by spending a few nights in one of the beautiful lodges.

Get around by car. Hire cars are available from most major towns and cities as well as from the airports.

  • Visit nearby Kruger National Park.
  • Get a cultural fix at the open-air museum.
  • Explore numerous eco attractions.


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