Soutpansberg Mountains

Travel to Soutpansberg Mountains – Spectacular Mountain Hiking

The Soutpansberg mountains, meaning Salt Pan Mountains, are a range of mountains in the north of South Africa, named for the salt pan located at its western end. They run for about 130 kilometres from east to west rising near the forgotten village of Vivo and stretching in a series of wild peaks and troughs before petering out near the northern boundary of the Kruger National Park. The mountains are up to 60 kilometres wide. Thanks to its scenic beauty and its high diversity of plant and animal species found nowhere else, the Soutpansberg is really worth a visit while in Limpopo.

The lower slopes are littered with valleys and impassable bush whereas the northern most area comprises forests of baobabs and the highest slopes of the mountains have fine examples of fynbos.

The Soutpansberg boasts 30% of South Africa’s tree species, even though it covers barely 0.5% of the country’s surface area. It is home to 60% of its birds, 40% of its mammals and 30% of its reptile species. No wonder it’s known as “the pantry” for its exceptional richness of life. The Soutpansberg is a region of national and international conservation importance as a high number of plant and animal species are found only here and nowhere else.

Nearby Blouberg Mountain and Nature Reserve, Mussina Baobab Reserve, Wylie’s Poort, Medikwe Nature Reserve, and Makhado are worth a visit. The reserve is also home to one of the biggest breeding populations of Cape vultures. Also worth a look are the rock paintings from San hunters and gatherers that were in the region many centuries ago.

Travellers to the Soutpansberg Mountains and region can enjoy hiking, climbing and camping amidst spectacular scenery with beautiful views.

Relax by taking in the incredible panoramic views from the mountains. Here you can really appreciate South Africa’s wilderness.

The best way to get around is by foot as the hiking in this spectacular region is superb.

  • Hike amidst spectacular mountain scenery.
  • See panoramic views of the beautiful South African plains.
  • Spot numerous species of flora and fauna.


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