Namaqua National Park

Flowers of Namaqua National Park

Travel to Namaqua National Park – The Land of Contrasts

Namaqua National Park is a wonder of nature, quiver trees, and enormous granite outcrops. Visitors to the park will be overwhelmed by the abundance and diversity of its species as well as the magic picture it paints through its valleys filled with Namaqualand daisies and other spring flowers that pulse with sheer energy and joy.

Namaqua National Park, also called Namaqualand, is bordered by the Atlantic to the west, the town Garies to the south, Pofadder desert to the west, and the Orange River Valley to the north. The park is located 22 kilometres north-west of Kamieskroon and 67 kilometres south of Springbok.

Part of the Succulent Karoo, Namaqua is unique as it is the only arid hotspot in the world, with more than 6000 plant species, 250 bird species, 78 mammal species and 132 reptile and amphibian species. The park is the world’s most diverse, arid environment and more than 40% of the flora and fauna are unique to the region.

Most visitors come here to see the fantastic flora. There are over 5000 plant species that can be found here which include brighty coloured wildflowers, daisies, lilies, aloes and perennial herbs. If you are lucky you may also spot the smallest tortoise in the world which can be found here at Namaqua National Park.

Enjoy the 5km long scenic route with fantastic views throughout of do one of the two nature walks available within the park which also have picnic opportunities along the way. Then to finish your journey stop off at the information centre.

  • Discover the numerous plant species found nowhere else on earth.
  • Escape to the land of contrasts and enjoy a splendid landscape.
  • Walk the nature trails to see numerous plant species and maybe even the world’s smallest tortoise.


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