Richtersveld National Park

Expansive landscape of Richtersveld

Travel to Richtersveld National Park – Home to Unique Ecosystems and Plant Species

The Richtersveld National Park lies in a unique mountain desert wilderness of great beauty, tucked in the far northwestern corner of the Northern Cape. It is full of changing scenery, with flat sandy plains in the south to craggy sharp mountains in the northwest and the lushness of the Orange River.

The Richtersveld National Park was proclaimed in 1991 after 18 years of negotiation between the National Park Board and the local Nama people. The park is now managed jointly by the local community and the South African Parks. The Nama people, who lease the land to the board continue to live and graze their livestock in the area. The park covers an area of 162 445 hectares and sustains a remarkable range of small reptiles, birds, and mammals.

The Richtersveld is home to grey rhebok, duiker, steenbok, klipspringer, kudu, Hartman’s mountain zebra, baboon, velvet monkey, caracal, and leopard. Birdlife is prolific and 650 plant species have been recorded, ranging from medicinal and cosmetic to nutritional.

Richtersveld is also renowned for having the world’s largest diversity of succulents, including the unusual halfmens, a tall succulent plant that bears an uncanny resemblance to the human from when seen outlined against the sky.

Canoeing, angling and bathing in the Orange River are allowed. You can also enjoy hiking trails and explore this deserted wonderland.

Relax by simply soaking up the atmosphere and seeing the natural beauty and wildlife. You can also stay in accommodation within the park to really get the most out of your time here.

The park is only accessible by means of a 4×4 vehicle but vehicles with high clearances such as combi’s and LDV’s do travel in the park.

  • Witness rugged cliffs, high mountains and dramatic landscapes.
  • Spot reptiles, birds, mammals and an assortment of plant life.
  • Explore unique arid landscapes.


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