Vaalbos National Park

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Travel to Vaalbos National Park – Adventure Activities Aplenty

The Vaalbos National Park is an extraordinary area along the Vaal River that offers travellers a rich and diverse wildlife species amidst a beautiful landscape. The park has recently been deproclaimed to comply with diamond prospecting rights and so in its place is Mokala National Park. The park is a unique habitat that is suitable for animals occuring generally in the dryer parts of the country, as well as those from wetter areas. The historic mining village, Sydney-on-Vaal, which contains many original Victorian buildings, is adjacent to the park.

This 20 000 hectare National Park is situated on the banks of the Vaal River between Delportshoop and Barkly West, approximately 20 kilometres from Barkley West and 52 kilometres from Kimberley. This is probably one of the most interesting parks in the country as it covers an important transitional zone between Grassveld, Kalahari, and Karoo biomes.

Vaalbos’ name originates from the vaalbos, or camphor bush in English, a prominent plant species in the park.

The wildlife that you may spot in the park includes eland, kudu, giraffe, red hartebeest, springbok, buffalo and both black and white rhino. You can also visit the waterhole, a prime location for bird and wildlife spotting or keep your eyes peeled throughout the park in order to see indigenous plants.

For an exhilirating adventure take part in night drives, day drives, walking and mountain biking within the park. Or perhaps join guided excursions including horse riding trips, star gazing and trips to see rock art paintings and engravings.

Relaxing by enjoying a picnic at one of the numerous sites along the Vaal River or perhaps stay at a self catering camp for the ultimate wilderness experience.

Get around by foot, horse back, mountain bike or four wheel drive on guided excursions around the park.

  • Experience the thrill of mountain biking or horse riding in the park.
  • Spot indigenous plants and numerous wildlife.
  • Relax by the riverside with a picnic whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the area.


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