Cederberg Wilderness Area

Craggy Cederberg Wilderness

Travel to Cederberg Wilderness Area – Spectacular Landscapes

The Cederberg Wilderness Area lies some 200 km north of Cape Town. This vast area stretches from the Middelberg Pass at Citrusdal to north of the Pakhuis Pass at Clanwilliam, encompassing some 71,000 ha. of rugged, mountainous terrain. The Cederberg was proclaimed a wilderness area in 1973, and as such enjoys the highest possible conservation status. The Cederberg is blessed with spectacular landscapes and rock formations, as well as its namesake, the increasingly rare Clanwilliam cedar tree.

The San and Khoi peoples inhabited the Cederberg area from early times, leaving behind a rich legacy of rock art. Southern African rock art has been dated to be as old as 28,000 years, with the age of the Cederberg paintings ranging from 8,000 years to 100 or 200 years. The paintings most commonly record animal scenes, and it is thought that particular animals, such as eland, have important symbolic religious meanings.

The area with its weird, oxide-coloured sandstone formations, ravines, cliffs, caves, clear streams and exquisite views, is a magnet for hikers, cyclists, rock climbers and nature lovers. View the rock art and visit some of the best known rock formations such as the Wolfberg Cracks, Wolfberg Arch, Maltese Cross and Stadsaal Caves. The area is also famous for its floral kingdom. A variety of wild animals, including the rare Cape Leopard, may be found in the Cederberg.

The Cederberg is so diverse in form and structure, so valuable for its plants and animals and so unique in its landscape, that any nature lover, hiker or mountaineer will find its opportunities and challenges difficult to exhaust. An extensive network (254 km) of unmarked, well maintained, footpaths are laid out, while excellent rock climbing opportunities exist. The length of hikes is limited only by the weight of the provisions you can carry on your back. There are plenty of mountain biking and 4×4 trails, or if watersports are more your thing these can be found at the Doring River nearby. Other activities include freshwater fishing, river rafting, quad biking and sky diving.

Unwind with a cooling drink on the banks of the Doring River.

Cederberg is located 200 km north of Cape Town. Some of the roads may require a 4×4 vehicle.

  • Hike one of the many trails in this beautiful and unique wilderness area
  • View some fine examples of Southern African rock art
  • Explore some of the renowned spectacular landscapes and rock formations


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