Knysna National Lake Area

Knysna Lagoon

Travel to Knysna National Lake Area – Adventure Sports and Natural Scenery

Knysna National Lake Area is a place of unsurpassed beauty and splendour, surrounded by a natural paradise of lush indigenous forests, tranquil lakes, and golden beaches which make it a real natural wonderland.

The exceptionally beautiful Knysna National Lake Area offers its visitors magnificent viewpoints, various watersports and a large diversity of marine life.

Knysna nestles on the banks of a beautiful lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route. The lagoon has borne witness to centuries of trade in timber, ivory, and gold and is dominated by the craggy bastions of the twin Knysna Heads and the Indian Ocean.

The exceptionally beautiful Knysna National Lake Area is home to the endangered Knysna seahorse, whales, dolphins, redbilled woodhoopoe, Knysna woodpecker, paradise flycatcher, Knysna lourie and lesser doublecollared sunbird. Or at the lakes you may find; fish eagles, cormorants, kingfishers, blacksmith plovers, Egyptian geese, lone Knysna elephant and the endangered Knysna Sea Horse. Also what makes Knysna such an attractive place is its range of scenery, which includes inland forests and mountains. Little of the massive indigenous forests still exist, and much has been put down to pine forestry, but there are still some areas of tall evergreen Outeniqua yellowwoods and stinkwoods as well as deciduous ironwoods which tower over forest tree ferns.

Travellers to Knysna National Lake area can enjoy boating, canoing, angling, cruising, hiking, boardsailing and diving. Hiking routes in the area range from short walks to the 108 km long trail which starts at Beervlei and ends at Harkeville. The area is also popular with bird watchers as there are more than 280 species of bird here.

In Knysna town you can relax at the shopping malls, galleries, restaurants and cafes or you can camp at the Forest Timber Decks in order to get closer to nature and the magnificent scenery that you’ll find here.

  • Participate in adventure sports and trails.
  • Explore the local town of Knysna.
  • Spot wildlife such as wild cats, bats and monkeys.


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