Lambert’s Bay

Lambert's Bay

Travel to Lambert’s Bay – The West Coast Diamond

Lambert’s Bay is located on the West Coast of South Africa, about 280 kilometres north of Cape Town. This picturesque town is rich in history and famous for its moderate climate, miles of pristine beaches, and birdlife. Lambert’s Bay has also been proclaimed the ‘diamond of the West Coast’ as it succeeded to preserve the culture of the small West Coast fishing village.

The area was originally known as Otterdam until 1913 when it became Lambert’s Bay. The town was named after a former British admiral, Sir Robert Lambert,who surveyed the coastline for the Royal British Navy between 1826 and 1840.

The Sandveld Museum, the Panoramic Park Game Reserve, Dassiepoort Reserve and the Steenboksfontein Art Gallery are the major landmarks in Lambert’s Bay.

The bay hosts many events throughout the year. Major ones are the Crayfish festival in April, Steenbokfontein Art Exhibition in September and West Coast Spring flowers from August to September.

Travellers can enjoy windsurfing, surfing, golf, sandboarding, quadbiking, hiking, jet skiing, angling and crayfish diving and there also many beach front entertainment opportunities for visitors to join in with such as volleyball.

Boat trips to watch Dolphins & Whales can also be arranged.

There are numerous places in which to stop for a bite to eat and to relax or you can relax by enjoying a game of golf or perhaps bird watching.

  • Enjoy a whale and dolphin watching cruise.
  • Hike amidst beautiful natural scenery.
  • Visit cultural attractions such as the Old Jail Museum.


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