Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay

Travel to Mossel Bay – World Renowned Beaches

Mossel Bay lies east of the Cape of Good Hope and west of Knysna on the Indian Ocean coast, 400 kilometres from Cape Town. This harbour town boasts to be the gateway to the scenic Garden Route. It is a small harbour town as well as a favourite coastal and holiday destination which is home to museums, markets and beautiful beaches.

Mossel Bay was first inhabited by nomadic Khoisan people. Caves in which the remains of several Khoisan settlements have been found are located nearby, with the one which is located at the starting point of the walking trail to the nearby town of Dana Bay, now a national monument. A Khoisan cultural village is also located at the cave. Other tribes also lived in the area, including the Gouriquas. A more recent discovery at nearby Pinnacle Point is claimed to be the earliest evidence of human seaside settlement.

The Dias Museum Complex with its 500 year old Post Office Tree, the Maritime Museum, the Granary, the Shell Museum, the town Aquarium and the Cultural History Museum are Mossel Bay’s main landmarks.

Take a boat cruise to the seal island which is near the harbour or explore the beautiful beaches and coastline that the area is renowned for. You can also climb the cliffs in the southern part of the town which afford spectacular ocean views and prime wildlife spotting opportunities.

Relax on beautiful sandy beaches or visit the market at Hartenbos beach before sampling local cuisine at beachside restaurants, cafes and pubs.

The city centre is easily navigable by foot but it advisable to hire a car to get to destinations that are located further afield.

  • Relax on beautiful world famous beaches.
  • Visit museums, markets and lighthouses in the town.
  • Spot magnificent marine life from atop the cliffs.


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