Oudtshoorn Ostrich

Travel to Oudtshoorn – Ostrich Capital of the World

Since 1863 Oudtshoorn has become known all over the world for the development of the ostrich feather industry and is unchallenged as the ostrich capital of the world. Here ostriches are found in great numbers and the region produces the best feathers, leather products and ostrich meat worldwide. But the world’s biggest bird is just one of the many attractions in this area of outstanding contrasts.

Between the years 1900-1914 feather trimming became “de rigueur” for Ladies’ High-Fashion apparel, especially in Britain and Europe. Choice feathers fetched unbelievable prices, which in turn brought unaccustomed wealth to both farmer and merchant. This was augmented by the concurrent expansion of the Tobacco Industry, and soon began the rivalry between farmer and merchant to see who could build the more beautiful “Feather Palace” or luxury home.

There area around Oudtshoorn holds several notable attractions including old sandstone buildings, the remarkable Cango caves, ostrich farms, Cango wildlife ranch and the townhouse museum.

Scenic drives, Ma betties cultural experience, Meerkatmagic trail, horse-back riding, caving, abseiling and quad biking are all available in the area around Oudtshoorn.

Take a really scenic drive through the mountains and over the Prince Albert Pass to really appreciate the beauty of this region.

  • See South Africa’s best dripstone caverns, with their vast halls and towering formations at the Cango Caves.
  • Learn about the ostrich farming industry and perhaps stay on a working farm.
  • Visit Cango Wildlife Ranch, the oldest and biggest cheetah contact centre worldwide, and enjoy a rare opportunity to interact with hand-reared cheetahs.


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