Monkeyland is unique in that the sanctuary caters for several species of primate, and they are not caged, they are free to move about the forest, and do so in harmony. The primates are therefore not found on predetermined points displayed on a map, the emphasis is to search for them, and the reward is to see them as they should be: free and in the wild. Monkeyland is a modern primate sanctuary established in a pristine natural high canopy forest, which is well suited to those primates fortunate enough to live there. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the sanctuary is that it is both a multi-species and free-roaming facility. Monkeyland, which opened in 1998, is totally self sustaining from the revenue it derives from tourism. This revenue is generated by enthusiastic rangers who take visitors out on monkey safaris . The safaris, which are fun and exciting, are also educational and generally result in our guests leaving the sanctuary with a whole new focus on the primates of the world and the problems they are facing.


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