West Coast National Park

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Travel to West Coast National Park – Hiking, Kayaking and Game Viewing

The West Coast National Park lies 120 km north of Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa and it is 27500 hectares in size. The park is particularly well known for its bird life and for the spring flowers which occur in the months from August to October, especially in the Postberg flower reserve section of the park.

At West Coast National Park thousands of seabirds roost on sheltered islands, pristine golden beaches stretch endlessly into the early morning mist and brooding salt marshes are home to vast concentrations of migrant waders from the northern hemisphere. During the spring, the strandveld is embroidered with a tapestry of multi-hued flowers, while in the Postberg section many antelope are to be seen in a setting that is as unique as it is idyllic.

West Coast National Park is home to many animal species. Among them are the Cape gannet, the African Penguin, ant-eating chat, white-throated and yellow canary, flamingos, waders, black harrier, eland and red hartebeest. Also if you’re lucky you may spot whales and dolphins.

There are numerous water sports that you can do in the park or hiking is a popular leisure activity here. There are hiking trails such as the Strandveld Educational Trail and the Postberg Flower Trail or you can make use of the bird hides for fantastic bird watching opportunities. Also during the spring flowering season you can use your own vehicle to take a game drive or join a guided kayaking trip.

Relax by making use of the picnic and barbeque facilities which are open during the spring flowering season. Or perhaps just enjoy a spot of fishing in the more peaceful and isolated areas of the park. There is also a tea garden and light meals are available at the Geelbek Homestead.

Get around either by foot on the hiking trails or by car. It is also possible to use a kayak if you join a guided trip.

  • Spot wildlife such as eland, whales and dolphins.
  • Kayak or hike in order to explore the area’s natural beauty.
  • Walk the Postberg Flower Trail during the spring flowering season.


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