Travel to Maguga – Arts, Crafts and Adventure Activities

Just south of Piggs Peak to the left is a scenic loop road that leads to the Maguga Dam, a major development on the Komati River that has been pivotal in expanding agricultural activity, particularly crops grown under irrigation. The Maguga area offers diverse development opportunities and has become a significant tourist attraction in its own right.

Attractions here include a community-run view site that overlooks the spillway, which is particularly spectacular when the water rushes over; a stall selling refreshments and a craft market as well as the newly established Maguga Lodge.

Other attractions are the Ekuvinjelweni botanical gardens and tearoom, the Swazi Ark of Arts and Crafts; a newly established craft centre and restaurant.

Activities here include paragliding with a qualified and experienced instructor, quad biking and hiking in the magnificent surrounding countryside. There are also water-related sports projects which are planned for Maguga dam, including an angling club and boating opportunities.


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