Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Travel to Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary – An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

Mlilwane, Swaziland’s pioneer conservation area, is a beautiful, secluded sanctuary situated in Swaziland’s “Valley of Heaven”, the Ezulwini Valley, in between Mbabane and Manzini. It covers 4,560 hectares and comprises of a southern and northern section. The southern section is predominately open grassland plains with middleveld vegetation, stretching up onto the striking Nyonyane Mountain with its exposed granite peak known as the “Rock of Execution”. Behind these mountains, the stunning Mantenga waterfall and beautiful Usushwana Valley form the divide, before stretching up to the northern section, which includes one of the highest surrounding points at Luphohlo. Tourist activities are concentrated in the southern section, with only guided trails entering the north.

Mlilwane was the first wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland, created in the 1950s by a well known Swazilander, Tedd Reilly, on his farm. Mlilwane’s name means ‘little fire’, for the flames that seem to arise where lightning strikes the reserve’s granite mountains. Mlilwane is probably Swaziland’s most popular reserve, but it’s a relaxed place containing mostly herbivorous wildlife: antelope, zebra, giraffe and warthog as well as crocodiles and hippos.

Wildlife that you may spot here includes antelope, zebra, giraffe, warthog, crocodiles and hippos. The sanctuary also incorporates a traditional Swazi cultural village where you can see traditional Swazi life and dance.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and there are also overnight tented and cave trails. For more adventurous activities there are mountain biking and horse riding trails. Guides are available for all options. There is also game viewing and bird watching available.

Relax at the sanctuary’s lodges and campsites or head to the a la carte restaurant which is within walking distance of the magnificent Mantenga Falls. A popular option for visitors is enjoying an overnight tented trail where you can camp in the spectacular African wilderness.

Get around by foot, horse back or mountain bike. There are also driving routes available.

  • Spot all manner of wildlife such as antelope, zebra, giraffe, warthog, crocodiles and hippos.
  • Hike, bike and horse ride through spectacular mountainous landscapes.
  • Camp ovenight for the ultimate African adventure.


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