Ngwenya Area

Travel to Ngwenya Area – Former Mining Area

Ngwenya is a town in western Swaziland, lying near the border with South Africa, north west of Mbabane, on the MR3 road. The South African town opposite Ngwenya is Oshoek in Mpumalanga province.

It is known for its glass factory and artwork. The Malolotja Nature Reserve lies near the town.

More than 27,000 years have passed since ancient man busied himself chipping away at the side of the Ngwenya Mountain in the north-west section of the area that would eventually become known as Swaziland.

The word ngwenya is siSwati for crocodile and the mountain is so-called because of it resemblance to a huge basking reptile of that species.

Attractions in the Ngwenya area include the famous glass factory and several quality craft shops within the centre and The Ngwenya Mountain is the site of the world’s oldest mine, which dates back 43,000 years and the vast crater left from 20th century iron ore mining.

Activities that visitors can enjoy here include horse riding, quad and mountain biking, fishing and adventure sports.


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