Travel to Siteki – Rural Mountain Town

Siteki is a town in eastern Swaziland, lying west of the Lebombo Mountains. It is named for a declaration of Mbandzeni permitting his troops to marry. Lying in the heart of rural Swaziland, Siteki is perched spectacularly in the Lebombo region of the country. It is about 30km south of Mlawula Nature Reserve and a two hour drive from Mbabane.

The name of the town is taken from the Swazi word meaning ‘marrying place’ and is named as such because Mbandzeni, great-grandfather of the present king, gave his troops permission to marry here. The town was popular with renegades, highwaymen and frontier troops and the legacy of this is still palpable in the air.

Attractions include the nearby Hlane Royal National Park and the Lebombo Mountains where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views. Tourists who spend time in Siteki can also visit the colourful market and shop for traditional Swazi crafts and souvenirs.

Siteki is well known for its Inyanga and Sangoma School, which is a government school that trains healers and diviners. The Muti-Muti Nature Reserve is the area in which the practitioners collect the variety of herbs they use in their muti (magical folk medicine). Tourists can have a session with one of the Sangomas if they book in advance.


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