Manzini Fruit Stall

Travel to Manzini – The Hub of Swaziland

Manzini is a market town in central Swaziland and is the nation’s second largest city and main industrial centre. Its population is around 73,000 and it was known as Bremersdorp until 1960. It is the capital of the Manzini District. The city offers excellent shopping in two large malls and has a wide selection of hotels and restaurants for tourists.

The town was a British/Boer colonial headquarters from 1890 but was destroyed in 1902 amid the Anglo-Boer War, when the administrative centre was transferred to Mbabane. The name Manzini was officially adopted during the 1960s.

Visitors can head to the Manzini golf course, the Bhunu Mall where you’ll find a plinth and plaque on the City Council side of the Mall which form a national monument that marks the site of the trial of King Bhunu and the nearby Hlane Royal National Park; home to all manner of wildlife including lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffe and zebras.

There are few activities in Manzini itself, however you can visit Hlane Royal National Park where you can enjoy bush walks, game drives and mountain bike tours through the African bush.

Relax in one of Manzini’s many guest houses, restaurants and hotels. Or play a round of golf at the Manzini golf course.

You can get around Manzini by bus, kombi or taxi. Downtown Manzini is very small and therefore you can walk form one end to the other in 15 minutes. Taxis are also relatively cheap for getting around the city. The taxis have no meters and they use fixed prices, so ask the driver before you get a ride how much it will cost.

  • Visit the beautiful nearby Hlane Royal National Park.
  • Relax at the Manzini golf course.
  • Sample traditional cuisine at local restaurants.


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