Shiselweni Region

Travel to Shiselweni Region – Picturesque Southern Swaziland

The Shiselweni region extends across the south of Swaziland. The main town of the region, Nhlangano, began as a centre for buying and selling farming supplies and farm produce during the 1920s, when the colonial government bought the Farm Goedgegun from G.M. Rudolph.

In 1947, Britain’s King George VI, together with Queen Elizabeth and the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, met King Sobhuza II there to thank him for the Swazi war effort. The town was subsequently renamed Nhlangano, which means meeting place, to commemorate the event.

Just north of Nhlangano is the picturesque village of Hlathikhulu, where the breathtaking Grand Valley starts.

  • Hike and bike amidst spectacular scenery.
  • Meet the friendly local Swazi people in local cafes.
  • Camp at Mahamba Gorge for the ultimate African experience.


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