Travel to Nhlangano – Small Agricultural and Timber Town

Nhlangano is the fourth largest town in Swaziland. It is also the largest town in the southern district of Shiselweni. The air is known to be clear and cooler in Nhlangano than in some other parts of Swaziland and it is an agricultural and timber area which is not much frequented by visitors.

The town was formerly known as Goedgegun, but the name was changed to Nhlangano, meaning “the meeting place”. It was here that King Sobhuza II of Swaziland met King George VI of England in 1947 when Swaziland was still a British protectorate. Independence was achieved in 1968.

Nhlangano has few attractions as it is not a big tourist destination. However, it does have several hotels, cafes and supermarkets. Good places to stay here include the Phoenix and the upmarket Nhlangano Sun.

Most visitors here simply use the town as a place to change money before leaving to explore other areas of Swaziland.

However, the town is a good place to meet the friendly locals as it is a place seldom visited by tourists.

  • Meet the friendly local Swazi people.
  • Relax at local cafes.
  • Make use of the town’s amenities before exploring other exciting destinations in Swaziland.



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