SS Good News, Kitulo Bay

The hull of the missionary steamboat, the SS Good News, lies abandoned at Kituta Bay, east of Mpulungu on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The 54 foot ship was commissioned by the London Missionary Society and originally built in England. It was delivered to the mouth of the Zambezi and from here, sailed up the Shire River, where in places it had to be carried.

After sailing the length of Lake Malawi, (then Lake Nyasa) to Karonga, it was dismantled and then carried 400 km overland to Lake Tanganyika. Because of aggression from Arab slave traders, the missionaries couldn’t bring it to their site at Niamkolo and carried it a further 60 km to the Lufubu river where it was reassembled. The boat was finally launched a year later in 1895 and there is a monument on the site to commemorate the event.

Her propeller and flag can be seen at the Moto Moto Museum in Mbala.


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