Munda Wanga Environmental Park

Originally established as a private garden in 1950, Munda Wanga Environmental Park has gone through many changes over the years. The biggest change is happening now with the ambitious programme to restore the gardens and integrate them with the Wildlife Park to form the Premier Environmental Education venue in the region.

In the years leading up to the formation of the Munda Wanga Trust, the former zoo was in a shocking state. But with thanks to supporters, that has all dramatically changed. Due to the massive changes, the former zoo was renamed to Munda Wanga Wildlife Park which more accurately reflects the new Munda Wanga.

The Wildlife Park is being completely rebuilt with large and modern new enclosures. The first purpose built Sanctuary for wild animals in Zambia has been established. The Wildlife Park and Sanctuary currently looks after 32 species of mammal, bird and reptile and overall 175 individuals.

The park also has 2 swimming pools, a playground, bar, restaurant and picnic site.


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