Southern Benin

Travel to Southern Benin – Home to the Country’s Capital City

Southern Benin is bordered by Togo to the West and Nigeria to the East. The region is home to such renowned destinations in Benin as Ouidah, Ganvie, Cotonou and the country’s capital city; Porto-Novo.

In the capital, Porto-Novo, you can visit museums, churches and parks, or head to Ganvie for the famed stilt village where you can see traditional village life, Cotonou for its cathedral and mosques and Ouidah where some of the old forts, a cathedral, and a temple of the Abomey traditional religion remain.

  • Explore the museums and palaces of the capital city; Porto-Novo.
  • See the UNESCO listed royal palaces at Abomey.
  • Witness traditional village life at Ganvie.
  • Admire the beautiful red and white tiled cathedral in Cotonou.
  • Shop for stunning African textiles at local markets.


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