Stilt House in Ganvie

Travel to Ganvie – A Lake Village in Lake Nokoué

Ganvie is the largest and most beautiful Africa stilt village and it is located in Benin, lying in Lake Nokoué, near Cotonou. With a population of around 20,000 people, it is probably the largest lake village in Africa and as such is very popular with tourists. The village is inhabited by the Tofinou ethnic group, who build their huts on teak stilts and cover the roofs with a thick layer of leaves. The village has preserved its particular customs and the environment making it a beautiful place to visit.

The village was established in the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries by the Tofinu people, established on the lake because the Dan-Homey’s religion forbade the Fon warriors from entering water, therefore the lagoon was a safe territory for other tribes.

See traditional village life here with men farming and fishing by canoe, women delivering goods to the market and children going to school and playing.

Getting around is best by boat and canoe.

  • Witness traditional village life.
  • Canoe around the village seeing people go about their daily lives.


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