Burkina Faso

Travel to Burkina Faso – Diverse West Africa Holidays

Burkina Faso, is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the south east, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Côte d’Ivoire to the south west. It is one of the safest and friendliest countries in all of Africa. Although it receives only a small number of tourists per year, it is an excellent destination for anyone interested in seeing beautiful West African country and exploring African culture and music.

Why not attend exciting cultural festivals or explore fascinating cities such as the capital; Ouagadougou with its museums and vibrant markets or Banfora. Or perhaps see the sacred crocodiles of Sabou or the Feminine Artisan Centre of Gorom where you can meet artistic local women.

Although rarely visited by tourists, this fascinating country has a whole host of diverse cultures and attractions just waiting to be explored.


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