Northern Gabon

Travel to Northern Gabon – Home to Gabon’s Capital City

Northern Gabon is bordered by Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the North, Republic of the Congo to the East and the South Atlantic Ocean to the West. It is separated from Southern Gabon by the Equator.

Here you will find Gabon’s capital city; Libreville, a beautiful city which has a pretty waterfront with stunning sea views. Also in Northern Gabon are places such as Bitam with its colourful local market and interesting small museum and Makokou which lies near the Ivindo National Park. Other towns and cities here include Oyem, Kango and Owendo.

  • Explore Libreville, Gabon’s beautiful capital city.
  • Visit nearby Ivindo National Park.
  • Tour around museums and colourful local markets.
  • See towns such as Kango and Bitam.


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