Southern Gabon

Travel to Southern Gabon – Vibrant Cities and Stunning National Parks

Southern Gabon is bordered by the Republic of the Congo to the East and South and by the South Atlantic Ocean to the West. It is separated from Northern Gabon by the Equator. Occupying the majority of the country, this region has plenty to explore for the intrepid traveller.

For example there is Tchibanga with its colourful markets; a good place to buy traditional woven goods, Loanga National Park which offers breathtaking panoramas and the unique opportunity to observe elephants, buffalos, hippos, gorillas and leopards venturing onto the white sand beaches or Koulamoutou which is renowned for its nightlife but also has a cinema and museum and is in close proximity to the du Chaillu Mountains and the Mbougou Falls.

  • Spot an abundance of wildlife in the national parks.
  • See beautiful natural features such as mountains and waterfalls.
  • Buy traditional goods at busy local markets.
  • Visit museums and fascinating local towns.
  • Relax on the beaches of Port-Gentil.


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