Basse Santa Su

River Transport Basse Santa Su

Travel to Basse Santa Su – Important Market Town

Basse Santa Su, usually known as Basse, is located 375 kilometres from Banjul in the Upper River Division of Gambia and is a final destination stop for most river cruises that come this far.

The town offers its visitors ideal scenery for birdwatching (it is a great place to spot the Egyptian Plover or crocodile bird).

This easternmost town is known for its important market. Basse Santa Su is the major trading centre for the upper reaches of the Gambia River and liveliest of the upriver towns.

It offers a vibrant mix of linguistic diversity with languages such as Mandinka, English, Arabic, French, Wolof and Sere being spoken.

There is plenty of historical architecture to see all around Basse Santa Su. Among them, there is the city museum (built during the colonial era and used to serve as a warehouse); the traditional craft shop; and the food market.

Ferry connections are available between Basse Santa Su and Banjul. Bush taxis are also available.

Shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts such as batiks, musical instruments, jewellery and woodcarvings.


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