River Gambia National Park

River Gambia National Park

Travel to River Gambia National Park – River Wildlife of Baboon Island

River Gambia National Park is located about 300 kilometres upstream to the south west of Kuntaur and downstream of Georgetown. Thanks to its very rich wildlife, the park entertains both local and foreign visitors.

River Gambia National Park wildlife includes hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles and monkeys such as the Green Vervet Colobus, Egrets, Ibis, Herons, Guinea, Baboons, Aardvark, Bushbuck, many reptile species and sometimes even porpoises.

River Gambia National Park, also called Baboon Island, was established in 1978. It is made up of 5 islands that lie on the river in the Central River Division and covers an area of 585 hectares with ecological systems that range from lush jungle rainforest, reeds, savannah and mangrove swamps. The park forms one of the last refuges of the very threatened hippotamus within The Gambia.

An interesting place to visit is the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Camp which lies on the banks of the river established in 1969 to rescue orphaned chimps. Travellers can also visit Georgetown.

Visitors to River Gambia National Park can enjoy boat cruises to see passing wildlife or can stay at the projects accommodation camp located on the river bank. Travellers can also consider nearby towns, mainly Georgetown and Kuntaur.

Ferry connections are available from Georgetown.

  • Witness splendid jungle scenery and wildlife.
  • Explore the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Camp, the orphaned chimps’ refuge.
  • Discover Gambia’s fantastic birdlife at River Gambia National Park.


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