Jufureh, Albreda and the Roots Heritage Trail

Walking into Jufureh

The ‘Roots Heritage Trail’ is a popular excursion, inspired by the historic epic, based on the classic novel of the tragedy of the slave trade and triumph of freedom, a full circle, inspired by Alex Haley’s bestseller and movie “Roots” describing his ancestor, Kunta Kintes, capture and journey to America as a slave some 200 years ago .

The long and drawn out saga commenced in rural Gambia, in a village called Juffureh, and tracks almost five generations across the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the USA, and back. The Gambia’s little known continuation is steeped in this true story of survival, love of country, people and freedom immersed in strong linkages of tradition and culture still seen today. Although slavery has long been abolished, the ancestors and direct descendants of the hero and of many other extracted Africans in the Diaspora can be found today. Kunta Kinteh’s trail can still be followed from his birthplace in rural Gambia.

Albreda village is a quiet village which is often visited at the same time to see the ruined fortified slaving station built by French traders in the late 17th century.

If visiting on an excursion a converted yacht takes you on a three and a half hour journey to Albreda. Then a 15 minute walk to the village of Juffureh – Haley’s ancestral home where you will meet a descendant of the Kinteh family. You will see a slavery exhibition in the museum before reboarding your boat and the continuing journey to the former slave fortress of James Island. On the return journey, you may be allowed to swim with the dolphins!


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