Tubabkollon Point

Tubabkollon Point is located in the extreme north-east of the Kiang West National Park. This spot offers good access to the river and acts as a convenient location from which to explore the escarpment to the west. This laterite escarpment runs close to the river bank and marks the extent of the river during past pluvial periods.

Good viewing conditions are to be had from this high ground, with opportunities to observe warthog, bushbuck and occasionally sitatunga which forage along the grassland fringing the saltpan below. A viewing shelter has been erected overlooking a waterhole about 2 kilometres to the west of Tubabkollon Point, which attracts a wide diversity of animals as the dry season progresses.

Troops of baboons and colobus monkeys also move from the dry woodland into the mangrove for roosting late in the evening.


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