Travel to Ghana – Africa’s Gold Coast

“Akwaaba – Welcome to Ghana”. This is the infectious greeting from one of the friendliest people in Africa, which awaits the traveller in search of a genuine West African adventure. Previously known as the ‘Gold Coast’, Ghana is a land endowed by nature and rich in natural treasures offering a colourful historical past and a wide range of attractions.

Along Ghana’s Atlantic coast between Keta and Beyin, the well-preserved remains of over thirty forts and castles tempt curious explorers in search of history. Built as links in trade routes during the great era of Portuguese maritime exploration between 1482 and 1786, they now have World Heritage status along with remnants of the traditional buildings of the famous Asante Kingdom, near Kumasi.

From the lush savannah of the coastal plains to dense tropical rainforest and the grasslands and arid desert of the far north, Ghana also has a diversity of habitats and some distinctive local wildlife. Evocatively-named life-giving rivers such as the White and Black Volta feed enormous Lake Volta and spectacular waterfalls.

  • Head north to Mole National Park and search for elephants on foot in one of West Africa’s best game parks.
  • Take a trip along the famous Atlantic ‘Gold Coast’ and visit the spectacular forts of Cape Coast and Elmina.
  • If you have a head for heights visit Kakum National Park and take a dizzying walk on its jungle canopy walkway.
  • Stay in a local village with a host family and meet friendly and welcoming Ghanaian people.
  • Experience Lake Volta aboard the old steamer that runs up and down Ghana’s impressive body of inland water.
  • Time your visit with a local festival to guarantee a riot of gold, colour and celebration like nowhere else.


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