Northern Ghana

Travel to Northern Ghana – From Savannah to Sahel and Wildlife

Much of the north of Ghana is broad wooded savannah, still home to many plains game. Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest national park and is home to buck, such as duiker, antelopes, kob and hartebeest, leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and many small primates. By the rivers and lagoons, visitors can spot crocodiles basking in the sun.

The further north you go the nearer is the influence of the Sahel. The heat and sometimes arid landscapes of the Upper East and Upper West have spawned a special flora and fauna that have adapted to the local conditions. In Gbele Game Reserve, 17 km south of Tumu, herds of hippo wallow in the waters of the river, while elephant and Roan Antelope can be seen drinking at the water’s edge.

At Paga, crocodiles can be observed, as they are protected by local traditions, and are fed in the lagoon by the local people.

  • Spend a few days in Mole National Park and search for big game on foot and by 4×4.
  • Visit Wa during late September and join in celebrations during the Dumba Festival.
  • Explore Wa – one of the region’s most interesting towns with several mosques, the Wa-Na Palace, a museum and a nearby hippopotamus sanctuary.


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