Mole National Park

Elephant in Mole National Park

Travel to Mole National Park – Oldest and Largest Park in Ghana

Mole National Park consists of 4,840 km square of savannah and rocky outcrops that are home to 93 species of mammal, including herds of elephant, buck and small plains game.

The occasional lion and leopard can be seen resting after a kill, and the range of birdlife includes approximately 300 species and is considerable. 734 flowering plants have been recorded in the park. December is reputedly the best time to visit when animals are more visible and there are fewer mosquitos present.

Elephant, antelope and buffalo can often be seen at dawn by the waterholes next to Mole Motel.

A network of tracks and trails cross the park and it is possible to view much of the park in an ordinary 2WD car. It is sometimes possible to hire bicycles from the rangers office.

Visit the Mole Motel overlooking two artificial waterholes where animals gather in the dry season. Early morning or afternoon walking safaris are available from the motel. Mole National Park is easy to access by public transport from Tamale.


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