Streets of Tamale

Travel to Tamale – One of the Fastest Growing Cities in West Africa

Tamale is the capital city of the Northern region of Ghana, mostly inhabited by the Mole-Dagomba linguistic group.

The city is home to about 350,000 people and with numerous trees (especially Mahogany) lining the streets, the city in parts has the look of a tropical rainforest.

It is one city in Ghana where an architectural blend of traditional slum and modern buildings can be found, with a hospitable people with a great respect for their traditional political system.

Tamale is the cereal, yam and meat breadbasket of the country and is reputed to be one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa. Even though limited in natural resources, seasonal farming is the major occupation of the local people.

With its mostly flat terrain, a good view of the city can be seen from any three or four-storey building. In the heart of the city are the traditional palaces of the Gulkpe Naa and the Dapkema where one can catch a glimpse of pure traditional architecture.

In Tamale, you can be treated to both local and exotic cuisines in any of the hotels and restaurants.

Tamale is easily reached by car from Accra (8 hours), or by air. It is a good base from which to explore the region, which is full of history and natural attractions. All the intercity roads in Tamale are tarred.


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