Travel to Ho – Capital of the Volta Region

An attractive town with tree-lined roads, Ho is the capital of Ghana’s Volta Region. A quiet town, set in a verdant valley overlooked by Mount Adaklu, it makes a good base from which to explore the surrounding attractions.

The city arose from the union of the villages of Bankoe, Dome, Ahoe, Hliha and Heve. Later on, suburbs such as Fiave, Deme (originally part of Taviepe, also in the Ho municipality) began to develop.

Ho was a part of the German colony of Togoland until World War I when it was occupied by the British. Ho later became the capital of the League of Nations mandate of British Togoland until it was incorporated into the British Gold Coast colony, which subsequently became Ghana.

Ho is noted for a lively and huge open-air market that attracts people from all over Ghana and Togo. There are numerous churches, including the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ho. Visit the Volta Regional Museum with its ceremonial exhibits.

Visit Kalakpa Resource Reserve, Wli Falls or Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary.  Try some of the local street food stalls, though watch out for cat on the menu! Several restaurants and hotels in town offer inexpensive traditional and international menus.



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