Guinea Bissau

Travel to Guinea-Bissau – Guinea-Bissau Adventure Holidays and Tours

Guinea-Bissau is a country in West Africa that is bordered by Senegal to the North, Guinea to the East and South, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the South and West. The country also includes the Bijagos Archipelago off the coast.

Guinea-Bissau is unspoiled by tourism and is therefore the perfect destination for the intrepid traveller wishing to get off the beaten track in Africa. With a rich culture, gorgeous beaches, fascinating wildlife and beautiful islands to see, you will most certainly be rewarded for your effort in visiting the country.

Attractions here include several national parks, the colonial town of Bafatá, vibrant carnivals and the capital city, Bissau, which is home to lively nightlife and bustling local markets.

Therefore, Guinea-Bissau is the ideal up and coming destination for an Africa adventure holiday or an Africa adventure tour.

  • Explore national parks such as Cantanhez National Park.
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches of the Bijagos Archipelago.
  • Spot wildlife such as turtles, sharks and manatees.
  • Attend carnivals and learn about the culture.
  • Visit colonial towns with bustling local markets.


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