Southern Guinea-Bissau

Travel to Southern Guinea-Bissau – Islands, Wildlife and Natural Beauty

The region of Southern Guinea-Bissau is bordered by Guinea to the East and South, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the South and West.

One of the main attractions in this region is the Bijago Archipelago where you will find around 20 picturesque islands that are adorned with gorgeous sandy beaches and abundant wildlife.

However, other attractions that are located in this part of the country include the country’s capital city; Bissau, Cantanhez Forests National Park and marine life including sharks, turtles and even manatees.

For wildlife in abundance and beautiful natural landscapes, you can’t beat a visit to Southern Guinea-Bissau when on a Guinea-Bissau holiday.

  • See marine life in abundance.
  • Relax on beautiful island beaches.
  • Explore the country’s vibrant capital city; Bissau.


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