Bissau Cathedral

Travel to Bissau – Adventure Tours and Holidays in Bissau

Bissau is a city that is located in the Southern Guinea-Bissau region of the country and it is the capital of Guinea-Bissau as well as its largest city. It is located on the Geba River estuary, off the Atlantic Ocean and therefore it is also a major port for the country.

Attractions here include carnivals, monuments, museums and bustling local markets.

The city was founded in 1687 by Portugal as a fortified port and trading center and then in 1942 it became the capital of Portuguese Guinea. When Portugal recognized the independence of Guinea-Bissau and pulled out in 1974, the two territories merged and Bissau became the capital of the new independent state.

Attractions in Bissau include the presidential palace, Bissau Velho; the old Portuguese colonial centre, Porto Pidjiguiti, Mercado de Bandim; the main market in Bissau, Fortaleza d’Amura; an old Portuguese fort and Museu Etnográfico Nacional ( the National Ethnographic Museum). There are also numerous monuments to be seen here and the city is also known for its vibrant annual carnival.

Activities include swimming and tennis. Or you can attend numerous concerts and cultural performances in various locations throughout the city. Relax in numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Or go shopping for local crafts such as wood carvings and hand woven textiles.

Shared taxis are cheap and plentiful and there are also minibuses “toca-tocas” going on fixed routes.


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