Eastern Ivory Coast

Travel to Eastern Ivory Coast – Beaches and Culture

The region of Eastern Ivory Coast borders Burkina Faso to the North, Ghana to the East and the Gulf of Guinea to the South. It is separated from Western Ivory Coast by the Bandama River.

Here in Eastern Ivory Coast you will find the country’s capital city, Yamoussoukro, where you will find the largest Christian church in the world, and Abidjan which is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of West Africa” and is home to a public zoo and Bassam; Abidjan’s premier beach.

For stunning beaches and fascinating cultural attractions, take a holiday in Ivory Coast or perhaps join an Ivory Coast tour.

  • Visit Abidjan’s best beach; Bassam.
  • Marvel at the world’s largest Christian church.
  • Explore the country’s capital city.


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