Travel to Abidjan – Paris of West Africa

Abidjan is located in the region of Eastern Ivory Coast and it is the economic (as well as the former political) capital of the country. Nowadays it is the biggest and most important city in Ivory Coast. It is also a major sea port.

The city stands on many islands and peninsulas and is connected by bridges and it is often referred to as the “Paris of West Africa” or the cultural hub of West Africa.

Attractions you will find in Abidjan include St Paul’s Cathedral, the Cocody Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Parc du Banco Rainforest Reserve, the public zoo, Bassam Beach (the areas premier beach) and Le Plateau where you will find chic boutiques and outdoor cafes.

  • Relax at the beautiful Bassam beach.
  • Visit cathedrals, museums and reserves.
  • Explore boutiques and cafes at Le Plateau.


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