Western Ivory Coast

Travel to Western Ivory Coast – Ivory Coast Wildlife and Nature Holidays

The region of Western Ivory Coast borders Mali to the North, Guinea and Liberia to the West, and the Gulf of Guinea to the South. It is separated from Eastern Ivory Coast by the Bandama River.

The Western Ivory Coast region is where you will find stunning beaches and outstanding natural beauty. Such attractions include Taï National Park; a world heritage site where you can see rainforest and wildlife including pygmy hippos, chimpanzees and monkeys.

There are also numerous towns and cities to explore on an Ivory Coast holiday such as the coastal town of San Pédro which is known for its nightlife and superb beaches.

For incredible unspoiled natural beauty you can’t beat an Ivory Coast holiday or an Ivory Coast tour.

  • See chimpanzees and other wildlife in the beautiful national parks.
  • Relax on gorgeous sandy beaches.
  • Journey through the rainforest in search of wildlife.


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