Central Mali

Travel to Central Mali – Djenne, Mopti and Dogon Country

Central Mali is where the vast majority of travellers to the country spend most of their time. The transition zone between the wetter and greener south of the country and the deserts of the north is the Sahel – a largely arid zone punctured by the life-giving waters of the Niger River.

With the largest mud-earth structure in the world, the colourful riverside town of Mopti and the breathtaking landscapes and people of Dogon Country as attractions, it is no surprise this region is so popular.

  • Explore Djenne, a fascinating town with an enormous mud-built mosque.
  • Spend a few days in Mopti and enjoy pirogue and pinasse trips on the Niger River.
  • Get out on foot on a Dogon trekking tour, a few hours or a few days – the choice is yours!


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