Travel to Sikasso – Attractive City of the South

Sikasso is a city in the southern part of Mali, located 375 km southeast of Bamako, 100 km north of Côte d’Ivoire, and 45 km west of Burkina Faso. Thanks to its beautiful landscape, cliffsides, hills, caves, and splendid falls, Sikasso is a world of exploration and one of the most attractive destinations for travellers in Mali. The city assures wonderful sightseeing experiences.

The city sits on a junction between the coastal countries of Togo, Bénin, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire. Sikasso recently overtook Segou to become the second largest city of Mali.

Sikasso was founded at the beginning of the19th century by Mansa Douala. The town was a small village until 1876 when Tieba Traoré became King of the Kénédougou Empire, making Sikasso its capital. Taoré established his palace on the sacred Mamelon hill and constructed a fortifying wall as a defence against the attacks from the Dyula conqueror Samori Ture and the French colonial army. However, the city fell to the French in 1898.

Sikasso offers visitors plenty of attractions including Mamelon Hill, the Caves of Missirico, the Faraco Falls, the Palace of Keletigui Kourouma, and the Tieba Traore’s Tata.

Outside the city, there is the Misiri Koro that highlights Mali’s religious tolerance. It is both a mosque and a site for animist sacrifices and ceremonies.

Visitors to Sikasso in June will enjoy the Triangle du Balafon Festival known for its traditional Malian music. From Sikasso, travellers can easily travel to Timbuktu, the largest cultural and economic centre of Mali.

  • Sikasso is one of the very few cities in Mali where visitors can enjoy an abundance of greenery.
  • Witness the beauty of the hillocks emerging out of the plains of Sikasso.
  • Explore one of the lesser-known historical cities of Mali.


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