Travel to Casamance – African Garden of Eden

Located at the very south-eastern region of Senegal, between Gambia and Guinea Bissau, Casamance gives the impression of a picture-postcard luscious Africa contrasting with the rest of Sahelian Senegal. Orchards, palm groves, deep forests, mangroves and huge beaches cover the region where life is centred on the river and its various bolong and lagoons.

Lower Casamance, in the west, sees most travellers. Charming villages emerge from the rich vegetation, splendid oil palms, giant kapok trees, various bamboo and stunning beaches lined with coconut trees from Cape Skirring to Abene, the islands and the bolong, make for a true African Garden of Eden.

Middle and Upper Casamance, the area located between the Casamance River and Gambia, is less populated and is a paradise for big-game anglers. The major ethnic group in Casamance is the Jola – a people who have animist beliefs who enjoy many festivities and rituals. Holidays in Casamance are off-the-beaten-track and you’ll be amazed by what you discover once there.

  • Head for the beach at Cape Skirring, regarded by many as the most beautiful beach in Senegal.
  • Explore Ziguinchor, once a hub of the slave trade, now regional capital with old-fashioned charm.
  • Take a cruise along the Casamance River and spot a multitude of birds and lush vegetation.


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