Cap Skirring

Palms and boats at Casamance

Travel to Cap Skirring – Paradise Beach of West Africa

Thanks to its 50 miles of unspoilt white sand fronting on to gorgeous clear turquoise waters, with rice paddies giving way to jungle in the interior, Cap Skirring is possibly the best destination for sun seekers and worshippers.

The region offers outstanding accommodation facilities from rustic beach huts to more elegant resort hotels, besides a heavenly atmosphere.

Cap Skirring is a town on the Atlantic Ocean coast of the Basse Casamance region of Senegal. It is a popular seaside resort with Europeans and has an airport and a golf course. In a straight line, it is the closest place in Africa to South America.

The town was originally occupied by a small village of fishermen; it was discovered and appreciated by the French of Ziguinchor as a balneal zone in the 1960s. A landing strip for small planes was built at the end of 1960 by members of the Aero club of Ziguinchor. That drew the attention of the Mediterranean Club which, with the agreement of the Senegalese government, evacuated the village of fishermen to install in 1973 its own.

The success of this Mediterranean Club village and the presence of an international airport attracted many other hotels. This success gave rise to the village of Cape Skirring itself.

Cap Skirring is at about 70 kilometres from Ziguinchor.

Visitors to Cap Skirring have a wide range of attractions. Among them, there is the Karabane Island and its Breton Church besides the Casamance.

Visitors to Cap Skirring have a wide range of activities. During the day, travellers can enjoy horse riding along the beach; VTT hiking or walking in the heart of the forest and villages; fishing; jet skiing and other water sports; quad visits; dugout; and golfing in green landscapes besides loads of other activities proposed by local leisure structures and hotels.

At night, visitors to Cap Skirring can enjoy night-clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Relax in the seductive palm-lined beaches and splendid resorts of Cap Skirring.

  • Discover one of the most beautiful beaches of West Africa.
  • Relax in a clear blue sea and swaying palm trees.
  • Discover stunning coral and exotic fish.


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