Casamance River

Casamance RIver Sunset

Travel to Casamance River – Land of Migrating Birds

The Casamance River is one of the most important rivers in Senegal. Thanks to its water activities and splendid surrounding regions, the river entertains a large number of visitors.

The Casamance River rises in southern Senegal flowing west through the Casamance region, which lies between Gambia in the north and Guinea-Bissau in the south. The two regions are also collectively known as Casamance after the river. Casamance river receives various small tributaries and empties into the Atlantic Ocean after a course of 322 kilometres. Only some 130 kilometres of the river are navigable.

Visit some of the most important towns and villages on it. Among them, there is Ziguinchor, Goudomp, Sediou, Diattakounda, Tanae, Elen-Kine, and Kolda. Travellers can also visit the Lower Casamance National Park famous for its tropical vegetation and variety of wildlife, including the Derry Eland and Buffoon Cob antelope, as well as many species of monkey.

Take advantage of the whole region and enjoy the attractions it offers. Swim at Casamance beach; join an ecotourism programme in Basse Casamance; do river kayak trips; tour the lagoons by pirogue; and join street parties and laid-back living to the sound of Caribbean-like mix of music.

There is a ferry that connects Ziguinchor to Casamance’ other towns.

  • Enjoy river trips and witness the millions of migratory birds who make their winter homes along the river’s lush waterways.
  • Take part in the vibrant little nightlife scene to the rhythms of local Casamance musicians.
  • Witness the desert and tropical bush that surrounds the river.


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