Eastern Senegal

Travel to Eastern Senegal – Land of the Bassari People

Eastern Senegal is what we imagine and dream Africa to be like. This back-of-beyond land was the region of the ancient Kingdoms of Mandinka.

Eastern Senegal is the crossroads between Mali, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and deepest Senegal. It offers a unique mix of history, adventure and mystery together with some breathtaking scenery in the Niokolo Koba National Park – the largest reserve in Western Africa.

  • Enjoy a safari in search of Sahelian fauna in Niokolo Koba National Park – a UNESCO listed world biosphere reserve heritage site.
  • Explore the regional capital, Tambacounda, with its crafts village and vibrant market.
  • Head out on foot and discover Bassari country, a land of steep wild hills where the people live an ancestral way of life.


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