Niokolo Koba National Park

Travel to Niokolo Koba National Park – UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

Listed by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, Niokolo Koba is the largest reserve in Western Africa. From November to June the park offers over 600 km of track from which to admire wildlife. Due to its isolation in Eastern Senegal, this fabulous park remains off-the-beaten track and is only visited by travellers seeking an in depth look at the major sites of Senegal.

The Niokolo Koba National Park occupies a total of 903,150 hectares and is situated in the southeast of the country. Niokolo Koba stretches over two geographical areas; the Sudanese savannah and the Guinea forest.

Simenti is the main village within the park. Find a quiet spot overlooking the Gambia River near Simenti for beautiful views.

Niokolo Koba can be reached by air (with a flight to Simenti and, from there, a two-hour drive); by road (from Dakar to Tambacounda on the RN1 and from there to the park on the RN7); or by train (two weekly trains from Dakar to Tambacounda). Visitors are not allowed to explore the park on foot. The park headquarters are in Tambacounda.

  • Over 84 species live in the park, including Africa’s largest lions, elephants, leopard, crocodiles, a variety of antelopes and over 300 species of birds.


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