Northern Senegal

Travel to Northern Senegal – Senegal River Cruise to Saint-Louis

A largely dry land of cattle herders and sparse vegetation, northern Senegal is home to two of Senegal’s five World Heritage sites.

Fed by the waters of the Senegal River, floodplains provide one of the most important migratory bird spots in Africa at Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj.

Not far away lies the ‘Zanzibar of West Africa’, Saint-Louis – the first French settlement in West Africa adorned with magnificent 19th-century buildings and a laid-back and friendly atmosphere.

Further inland, the Senegal River region is characterised by vast open spaces dotted with tiny villages and beautiful mud-brick houses. A chain of 18th-century French forts also provide focal points for travellers making the effort to visit the river region.

  • Spend a few days in the old colonial town of Saint-Louis, soak up the ambience and listen to live jazz.
  • Take a boat safari on the Senegal River at Djoudj National Park and spot thousands of pelicans.
  • Cruise the Senegal River aboard the ‘Bou El Mogdad’, an historic Dutch-built boat now converted into a luxurious river cruiser.
  • For a contrasting desert experience in Senegal, visit the vast sand dunes of Lompoul.


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